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Storybook Style is an architectural style that reached its peak of popularity in the U.S. during the 1920's. Hollywood, in particular, found its fairy-tale quality alluring, and many fine examples can be found there. This small home, located on a tree-shaded dead-end in Glendale, California, is a charming Storybook cottage: relatively modest and understated, yet full of the defining features of the genre.
Built in 1927 by C.E. Weaver, it is a masterpiece of design. The massive twisted junipers that shade the front are among the largest to be found in Southern California and have grown over the years to be part of the facade. Clinker bricks decorate the stucco walls and planters under the windows. A rustic wooden door opens, not into the house, but into a courtyard. As you walk the courtyard's stone path you can see two small turrets and a crenelated tower/entrance. As you might expect in Hollywood, the turrets are just for show: they are far too small to be functional. But on this house, their scale is perfect.

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The Witch's Cottage recently served as a filming location for a major TV production company. We welcome the entertainment industry.
Come see why this property has such unique charm.

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